CCM Motorcycles is working on a replacement of their very succesful GP450 model. The old BMW G450X engine in the bike is no longer is able to pass EURO4 homologation. Because of this CCM will upgrade the bike with the 600cc engine made by SWM in Italy. You might know this engine from the Husqvarna 630 in the past and now the SWM 650 model. The same engine is also used in the AJP PR7. 

The engine will have a 6-speed gearbox which is a nice upgrade over the 5-speed box currently in the GP450. This will make the GP600 Adventure more suitable for highway riding. The engine also has 15 hp and 11 lb-ft of torque more than the 450 engine. 

Because the new 600cc engine is 10kg(22lbs) heavier the bike will go through a weight loss program which means replacing some parts with forged carbon fiber. This hightech material is normally used on supercars. This will be the first the time material is used on a production motorcycle.

Above you can see a digital concept made by Adventure Attack. We are looking forward to the final production model in 2019.

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